Every business owner, large or small, should have a website launched within their first year of business!  Why? Because Cyberspace is housing most of today’s business communication and if you’re a business owner slash Entrepreneur without a website (or even a blog) then you probably already feel like you’re missing a key marketing tool… And you are! A business website is the quickest and easiest way for others to locate information about you and the service(s) you offer; a website also helps to build your credibility as a business (owner). Long story short: If you have a business then you should have a website!

Keep in mind that building, what will essentially become, the digital face of your business requires more than a little effort. Don’t tackle this project alone! Partner with me and I’ll assist you with the initial setup and/or the ongoing management of a WordPress website. Either one or both, it’s totally your choice!  Regardless of which one you choose, find comfort in knowing that your site will promote your business 24/7 and it won’t require all your time or resources to maintain.

What does this service include?

  • Web hosting setup
  • WordPress theme and plugin installation and updates
  • Social networking integration
  • Page and post creation and updates
  • Comment moderation
  • Website copyediting
  • Blog post creation or updates
  • Blog commend moderation


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