Social Media Management

Every business owner needs at least one social media page where they can engage with potential or current customers, online. Unlike your business website (which is used more so to communicate your business to others), your social media site(s) will give you insight into who your customers are and what your customers want. Not only are consumers “shopping around” online more often, but consumers are also expecting customer service online – 46% of online customers expect customer service on Facebook, alone. This means customer care is needed online to ensure there is proper attention given to those who are complaining online, inquiring about services online or even just looking for brands to communicate solutions to their problems, online. Whatever the case, you want to be the solution your customers are searching for! The success of your business depends on it. Don’t tackle this project alone! Partner with our Virtual Assistants for help with the the initial setup and/or the ongoing management of your chosen social media site(s). Either one or both, it’s totally your choice!  Regardless of which one you choose, find comfort in knowing that you’ll be promoting your business 24/7 and it won’t require all your time or resources to maintain.

What does this service include?

  • Account setup for Social Media Sites of your choosing (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, Instagram, etc.).
  • Create and schedule social media posts
  • Optimizing posts for SEO
  • Analyze reports and determine what type of content followers want
  • Monitoring and Replying to post comments