Marilyn Brown, slyce

” I acquired the services of D.Tyler  in May 2015, and it was the best decision I ever made. Working with Mrs. Deneen Tyler is such a pleasure. The services she provides allows me the opportunity to focus on other aspects of my business. Her quick response to my needs and requests is nothing less than remarkable. When she says “your business is her business”, she means it. I consider her my left and right hand. In addition to doing what is required of her she also has enough creativity and initiative to think outside of the box if necessary. Again, the best decision I ever made!”

-Marilyn Brown| CEO of O.G. [Only God] Publications

Holistic Alaye

“D.Tyler completed my first business plan and I was not just satisfied but amazed with the detail of the plan! It perfectly captured the  vision I had for my business which isn’t the easiest thing to do 🙂 I just signed my second contract with DTyler and am looking forward to completing another project! I’m so excited and cannot wait 🙂 Thank you, DTyler, for your professionalism!”

-Shawanda “Shay” Harrison| Artisan of Holistic Alãye

Becky Gregory

Deneen is a real pleasure to work with. She has increased my social media presence substantially. She is thoughtful, creative and very thorough. I love working with her and would recommend her to anyone looking for solid, consistent social media support and advice.

-Becky Gregory| Executive Virtual Assistant and Owner of Virtual Admininistrative Services

Angela James


Working with Deneen has been an awesome experience.  She offers a professional insight with creativity. She keeps me on my timelines and I appreciate her honesty.

-Angela James | Founder of the CUTIEGirl Academy for Etiquette


“I would like to thank D.Tyler for her outstanding services. If you are looking for an individual that will put forth maximum effort & not cut corners when it comes to your business then this is the young lady for you. She’s a very pro-active assistant with vast knowledge in multiple area’s. Whether it’s starting your own business or improving & maintaining a level of excellence -D. Tyler will help take your company to the next level. She’s the assistant you’ve been telling yourself you need for a while now. If it wasn’t for her skills, I may still be in the start-up stages. Searching for answers.”

-Malik W.| Founder and CEO of a local Youth Services Organization


“I think all services were excellent. I especially liked the way she took payments electronically. Her system was so easy to use.   I am always on email so communicating that way gave me a paper trail of what we talked about and made the transactions go so smoothly. I will definitely use Deneen’s services again and will refer her to the professionals in my circle who need her help.”

-Elizabeth Early Sheehan| Certified Consulting Hypnotist at Sheehan and Early Hypnosis Center and HypnoCoachElizabeth.

“DTyler Consulting Service has changed the way I do business. Deneen has a clear and objective focus when it comes to helping her clients; making their lives easier by giving them back their valuable time and sanity! Before Deneen, I was three months backlogged on replying to emails, was missing appointments because I couldn’t keep track of who, when and where, and also not maximizing my networking efforts since I couldn’t find the time to even reply to requests! Now I have a calendar that is linked to my email system and keeps tracks of all of my appointments. Deneen is always available and miraculously can turn “I think I sent an email to someone named David about a month ago.. I do not remember his last name, but we met at this coffee shop in the south side.. could you reply back to him?” into “You met with David two weeks ago at a career fair, you have not had coffee with him, would you like me to send him your calendar and get it set up?” Or! “I know I met this business owner last week, name starts with an S, I think she does sales…. Can you get her contact?” into “Her name is S____ and here is her email and phone number!” She spends hours up front getting to know and understand each of client’s needs and then figures out a system to keep them on track. She has added back at a minimum 15 hours a week to my business! Amazing quality, Great Customer Service and Truly a Team Player! I love DT Consulting! :-)”

~Kasfia Rashaad (KASH)| Accounting Consultant, Quickbooks Expert and Owner of Kasfia’s Accounting Service House