Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a Virtual Assistant?

    A Virtual Assistant (abbreviated VA) is a self-employed, Independent Contractor who provides professional administrative, technical and/or creative (social) assistance to clients remotely, from a home office.

    There are different types of Virtual Assistants for example, General VA, SEO/Web Marketer, Web Developer, Graphic Designer, Content Writer, Video Editor, just to name a few.

    1. What can a Virtual Assistant do for me?

    I suppose a better question would be: What CAN’T  a Virtual Assistant do for you! …Virtual Assistant’s are the new “right hand (wo)man”! If there are any business related tasks that you can think of that you need completed then that’s a task that your Virtual Assistant can do for you. There is no task too insignificant or too grand but it is recommended that each Virtual Assistant provide services  within their areas of expertise and level of comfort. For an idea of  common client needs often fulfilled by a Virtual Assistant visit my “I need assistance with “page!

    1. What hours do you work?

    I complete projects at various times throughout my 24 hour day. However, hours when I’m available for contact are during normal business hours: Monday – Friday 9am- 5pm EST, excluding national holidays. Exceptions are made on a case by case basis.

    1. What tools do you use to complete your tasks?

    Here’s a list of a few tools I use to maximize by business performance, streamline my workflow and make the most of each minute in each day are:

    • Google Apps for Work – for professional email communication, online storage, shared calendars and more.
    • Dropbox– Cloud document storage for easy access on my computer or mobile device.
    • Adobe Echosign – to obtain electronic signatures on important documents.
    • WordPress for website creation, posting and maintenance.
    • Constant Contact or madmimi– for email marketing.
    • LivePlan- for business planning.
    • etc.
    1. How do you invoice me?

    Since my services are prepaid services, I  send out my PayPal invoices prior to services beginning and then again before the next cycle is due to rollover. I typically send out invoices on the last day of the month or the first day of the month. Each invoice will have a specific due date which is unique to each client since each client begins services at different times during the month. Details of payment will be discussed and outlined in the Service agreement prior to services beginning.

    1. What are my payment options?

    PayPal is the preferred method of payment, however, I’ve been known to accept cash or check when absolutely necessary. If you have a preference just let me know during our initial consultation and I’m sure we can come to an agreement.

    1. Is hiring a Virtual Assistant more expensive than hiring an employee?

    Virtual Assistants are, without question, less expensive to hire than an actual employee!- and the research will back me up on this. Here are few reasons why I say this:

    • VA’s pay their own taxes and benefits (payroll, pensions, medical insurance,etc.).
    • VA’s are more committed to good quality work since their pay is TOTALLY dependent on how well they complete a task (compared to an employee who can be at work all day, sometimes, and not have completed one task well).
    • VA’s use their own office supplies and equipment.
    1. Is a Virtual Assistant considered an employee?

    No. A Virtual Assistant is in no way an employee, a Virtual Assistant is an Independent Contractor and does not be required to go through the same employment procedures as an employee.  There are, however, certain things that a Virtual assistant still should do such as signing a contract which outlines each person’s responsibilities and expectations AND establishing a means of communication between client and VA.

    1. What kinds of clients have you worked with?

    I typically work with “bootstrapping” business owners who need support with completing business related tasks. My clients stretch across different industries. to include the following (this list is not exhaustive):

    • Chef
    • Mental Health Worker
    • Youth Services Worker
    • Author
    • Publisher
    • Clergy/ Church Leader/Pastor
    • Clothing/ apparel
    • Transportation Worker
    • Tax Preparer
    • Financial Advisor
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Small Business Owners
    1. How quickly will my project be completed?

    Deadlines are a tricky thing and are determined on a case by case basis. During the initial consultation, we’ll discuss the details of your service such as what task(s) you need completed, how often you need task completed how much time it will take to complete the task and so on. This will help us determine a realistic deadline that we can all live with.

    There are rarely any 24 hour turn around times.

    1. How can I submit work to you?

    Most of my clients submit work electronically via email or via an online cloud management system like Dropbox or google docs. However, there is the option to mail documents (if absolutely necessary).

    1. How do I get started?

    Click “Schedule an initial consultation” to discuss your business needs and to determine whether our work styles are a “good fit” . Afterward, I’ll send you a contract and your first invoice and we’ll begin services when those are both addressed.