10 Must Have Online Tools Every New VA Should Use To Set Up Their Virtual Office


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Are Virtual Assistants and Personal Assistants the Same?

More and more I notice people are confusing VA’s with PA’s, using the terms interchangeably to describe the various ways an Assistant Secretary might support an individual or business team. Most client’s (and potential clients) are initially confused about the difference between a VA and a PA, resulting in long, drawn out explanations about what VA’s do versus what is often outside the scope of services. As a Virtual Assistant, you might find it helpful to draw professional boundaries and distinguish yourself from expectations of a Personal Assistant.

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Different Types of Virtual Assistants

Hello there fellow VA and welcome to world of Virtual Assistance! Whether you’re new to entrepreneurship or a seasoned work-for-yourself kinda professional, this is going to be such an exciting journey! Virtual Assistance is unlike most industries and requires ongoing, relentless committment to explaining what you do, who you are and why potential clients should partner with you to meet their business needs. If you’re interested in learning more about the different types of job titles a Virtual Assistant might adopt or which title might be the best for you to identify  with based on your skill set, then keep reading!

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