How to Regain Focus on Your Business Goals: Getting Back on Track with 3 Simple Steps

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When you started your business some time ago, you started with a solid business plan that identified who you were and what you planned to offer to potential customers. More than likely you were eager and excited and FOCUSED but then life happened and your plans transformed into a long list of client projects. Before you knew it, your business goals had taken a back seat.

Recently, you’ve “come up for air” and realized that you’re no longer working on your business’ goals and somehow you’ve become distracted. Join the club, there is plenty good room here!  At some point everyone loses sight of their goals, even business professionals. And if you’re like most business minded individuals, your task list can become quite overwhelming in little to no time at all leaving little time to manage your own business needs. When this happens, don’t waste time racking your brain about what you should or could have done, instead follow these 3 simple steps and regain your focus!: Review, revise and refocus on your goals.


First things first, If you don’t already have your business goals written down somewhere then you need to stop and do that! Goals need to be visible so that you’re constantly reminded of them. Record them on a vision board that’s visible from workspace or even on a sticky note stuck to your computer screen, just keep them handy.

Re-examine each of your goals with one question in mind:  Is this goal still moving me and my business in the direction of my mission and vision.




If your answer is “Yes, my goals are still in line with my business’ mission and vision” then GREAT, keep your goals “as is”, (move to the next step and) refocus your attention by working towards each goal consistently each week.

If, however, your answer is “No, my goals are no longer moving me towards the direction I want to take my business” or if you discover that your mission and vision have evolved/ changed over time then you’ll need to take some time and reconsider the direction you intend to move your business. 

At this point, you’ll need to first spend time revising your mission and vision statements before deciding how to alter your goals/objectives.

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Here are a few questions to reflect on when considering whether to revise your mission and vision statements:

  • Has business become stagnant?
  • Have you or business accomplished your current mission statement?
  • Has your vision for your business changed?

Here’s a helpful link you can check out when you’re ready to begin revising your mission and vision statements; it offers tips for “Enhancing and Updating your Mission Statement

After you’ve determined your long term aims (mission and vision), it’s time to identify what steps you need to take from week to week to get you there. Figure out:

  • What specific tasks need to be completed? (Example: Land three new accounts/clients by marketing on LinkedIn each week )
  • How you plan to measure/quantify each task? (Example: publish tips to LinkedIn once per day/ five days per week).
  • Who is responsible for completing each task and when? (Example: The Social Media Marketing Coordinator on staff is responsible for completing this task each week).
  • Is the task realistic? (If outsourced to someone whose main focus is social media marketing then this task is completely doable. However, if this task is assigned to someone who may have several other duties, then it would be more realistic to decrease the frequency of posts per week.This is something to consider, not necessarily something that needs to be included in the actual goal recorded. )
  • What is the deadline for each task? (Example: land three clients every six months).

What this goal looks like once you put everything together: The social media marketing coordinator will land 3 new accounts, every 6 months by publishing updates and posts to LinkedIn once per day for 5days/week.


Make it a habit to review the status of your goals on a consistent basis. Decide when you want to check on the progress being made and then stick to that schedule. For example, you might plan to check the status of each goal during weekly or quarterly meetings, requesting updates from the person(s) responsible for carrying out each task (this applies to business’ that have actual employees/staff).

If you’re a solopreneur and you’re responsible for each task yourself then figure out what works best for you. Consider examining your progress once per month -either at the start of the month or towards the end.

Don’t wait an entire year to regain focus on your goals! Frequent checks will help you assess whether your goals are effective and as realistic as you originally thought. Keep in mind that if you’re unable to effectively focus on your goals from month to month then there’s no way you’ll be able to successfully fulfill your mission and vision.

Make your goals simple so that you can achieve them with ease!

Did you enjoy this post or have any helpful tips to add? Leave a comment below and let’s learn from one another!



4 thoughts on “How to Regain Focus on Your Business Goals: Getting Back on Track with 3 Simple Steps”

  1. This definitely is helping me rethink my mission and to regain foxus. I have never had a vision board but it seems real helpful so I am creating on along with writing my mission down is a direct path to success. Thanks for your recharge now back to business


    1. Yes, I’m actually in the process of reassessing my mission it’s evolved over the past year. I suppose my vision board is on the way for 2017 too! Lol


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