Virtual Assistance

“Your brand identity is important because it tells consumers what they can expect to receive when doing business with you. Like most of us, consumers rely on business’ to do exactly what they say they will do, on a consistent basis. Stability and reliability in business is comforting to consumers and encourages them to become loyal supporters and repeat customers. Whether you’re struggling to streamline already existing business practices or need assistance creating realistic workflows (or procedures) for your small business, we can help! 

If you’re a solo professional or a mommypreneur, partner with DTyler Consulting Services and Virtual Assistance to set up your virtual office, for ongoing assistance or to complete one time, small projects.”

~Deneen Tyler, Owner & Project Manager at DTyler CS&VA (Established Jan. 2015)

Setting Up Your Virtual Office

Benefits of Setting Up  A Virtual Office:
  • Lower overhead costs than renting space at a “brick and mortar”
  • Lower startup costs due to the abundance of free versions of software available
  • No commute time to work; adds more time to your schedule
  • Able to access work from any device that is connected to the internet/wi-fi, including your smart phone
  • Able to conduct business from any location, including business meetings
What does this service include?
  • Setup and customization of a client relationship management (CRM) system
  • Setup and customization of calendar management system
  • Setup and customization of invoice management system
  • Setup and customization of project management system
  • Setup and customization of time tracking system
  • Setup and customization of online documentation cloud storage/filing system
  • Setup and customization of online fax system
  • Setup and customization of email marketing system for email list
  • Setup and customization of online forms, surveys, etc.
  • Setup and customization of automation of all of the above
  • Setup and customization of social media platforms
  • Setup and customization of a social media scheduling app
  • Additional tasks may be requested

Read more about how we help clients set up virtual offices for under $100 per month in operating fees (using automation)!

Rate packages for this one time service differs from the Investments for ongoing services. Flatrate fees range from $299 to $499 for this service; details will be discussed during your complimentary planning session.

Administrative Virtual Assistance

Benefits of Receiving Administrative Support:
  • Improves business communication (consistent and timely responses to email)
  • Reduce missed appointments due to poor time management/organization
  • Increases your organization and time management, in general which ultimately…
  • Increases productivity level allowing you to work more efficiently/effectively
  • Assistance managing invoices or automating invoice payment process
  • Assistance organizing online filing cabinet/system for more effective records management
  • Removes time-consuming, back office tasks from your “to-do-list” which gives you more time and energy to focus on being “the face” of your business
What does this service include?
  • Email setup and customization
  • Support managing email or full email management
  • Calendar setup, customization and automation
  • Scheduling calendar appointments
  • Creating and/or scheduling invoices
  • Managing online cloud storage files (set up included in specific packages)
  • Organizing backlogged docs/files (set up included in specific packages)
  • Administrative documentation creation
  • Mild Data Entry
*Additional administrative tasks may be requested during complimentary 30 minute consultation. If tasks requested are within the area of expertise of Lead Project Manager or Subcontractors, services may be included in rate quote/contracted services offered.

Customer/Client Relationship Management

Keeping track of your potential customers (leads), new customers and repeat customers can impact your bottom line, as a business. As a small business, its important to nurture each Lead to  improve your chances of converting them into a repeat, paying customer. And even if it’s not all about the money and you’re more of a mission focused Business Owner, its important to maintain a relationship with those you come in contact with so that you can provide them with the solutions they seek, within a timely manner.

Benefits of Client/Customer Relationship Management
  • Helps to establish rapport and consistency with leads which will hopefully help you convert leads to paying customers/clients.
  • Helps to retain existing customers and capture new opportunities by building a strong relationship between your business and customers.
  • Allows you to analyze data and generate reports needed to better support you with leveraging your lead/client list to increase revenue.
  • Easily manage your sales pipelines, leads, customers, and sales process.
What does this service include?
  • Basic CRM account setup and customization
  • Creating a CRM profile for leads and clients
  • updating CRM status/profile for leads and clients
  • Creating and personalizing email templates for regular emails
  • Sending and monitoring new client on boarding emails
  • Basic email marketing account setup and customization
  • Importing contacts from CRM system to email marketing subscriber list
  • Creating new subscriber forms
  • Creating new subscriber email series
  • Creating and scheduling email campaigns
*Account setup includes adding your logo, business desciptions and other identifying information including business related images to your profile. This also includes integrating your calendar and other applications needed for customization and automation.

Content Creation

What does this service include?
  • Article and blog writing
  • Creative writing
  • Policy and Procedure documentation creation
  • Operations manual creation
  • professional templates and resumes
  • Research
  • Documentation formatting and editing

Your Investment

QUESTION: How much virtual support will  you need to invest in each week to seriously free up your time and energy so that you can focus on being the face of your  brand and your business?

FLAT RATE: Up to 7 hours per month, to include 2 thirty minute planning calls per month.  Investment: $175.00/month


FLAT RATE: 20 hours per month, to include weekly “check-in” emails and 2 thirty minute monthly planning calls per month.       Investment: $500.00/ month


HOURLY RETAINER: For those who are just unsure how much time they require or for projects that are projected to require more than allotted time in the other packages. Investment: $25/hour with minimum of 10 hours prepaid.

Schedule Your Free Consultation to Begin!

Click here to schedule time to meet and discuss your unique business needs and how we can virtually support you! During consultation we’ll discuss:

  • The specific task(s)  to be completed
  • The frequency of the task to be completed  (i.e. one time project, 3 days per week, several times per day, full-time, part-time)
  • Which rate package is most compatible with your monthly budget

Work Hours

Virtual Assistants at DTyler CS&VA are task driven and work diligently to complete tasks by the established deadlines created during your planning session(s). Projects and requests for task completion are addressed within a 24 hour timeframe, not necessarily during standard business hours.  Please note: work requiring attention during standard business hours is an option but must be explicitly requested during the complimentary planning session.


Schedule a 30 minute consultation to discuss the obstacles you’d like to overcome with your new (or not so new) Virtual Assistant Business.  During your session, you’ll receive resources and recommendations for streamlining your business procedures and resolving some of the obstacles highlighted. Topics to discuss might include: business structure, business documentation, business procedures, determining your rate, choosing the ideal client, balancing work and home life, outsourcing as a Virtual Assistant and more.

Click HERE to schedule your consultation! Investment: $25.00