DTyler Consulting Services and Virtual Assistance

 New Logo-August 2016

DTyler Consulting Services and Virtual Assistance provides administrative, creative and technical services to help  you establish brand consistency, online and offline.

“Help isn’t help if it’s not what you need” and every business owner needs help meeting their specific branding needs. My team of Virtual Assistants and I are here to help you identify time-saving ways to automate your business processes. We also oversee the day to day business tasks that are most important to your brand identity (online communication and calendar management), leaving you the time you need to focus on tasks that grow and profit your business.


Currently offering extended contracts for 3months, 6months, 9months and 12months. One time, small projects offered for administrative services only.


We create custom rate packages based on your business’ unique budget. Rate packages are determined based on:

  • The task(s)  to be completed
  • The frequency of the task to be completed  (i.e. 3 days per week, several times per day, full-time, part-time)
  • Your maximum/allotted budget for each project or task.
*Rates also vary based on the amount of content/work provided by the client. The lowest rates require more involvement from the client. 


Virtual Assistants at DTyler CS&VA are task driven and work diligently to complete tasks by the established deadlines created during your planning session(s). Projects and requests for task completion are addressed within a 24 hour timeframe, not necessarily during standard business hours. Work requiring attention during standard business hours is also provided and should be explicitly requested during the complimentary planning session.